7 Smart Ways To Save Energy and Cut Air Conditioning Costs

family at home in summer

These days our electricity bills can contain some pretty unpleasant surprises. In summer, our air conditioners make up a huge chunk of that bill, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce cooling costs. This post will get you started on the road to saving without losing your cool.

How Hiring a Trane Comfort Specialist Helps You

Trane Comfort Specialist logo

When you see the Trane Comfort Specialist badge, you’re working with a company that is held to a higher standard. They are specially trained to install your furnace or air conditioner correctly.

Solar-Powered Air Conditioning is Coming

Solar Panels

While Dr HVAC provides great heating and cooling services, we’re also about innovation. In this post you can read all about the solar powered air conditioner we’re in the process of developing in partnership with George Brown and Sheridan colleges.

Oldest Air Conditioner Contest Winner Revealed!

Oldest Air Conditioning Contest Winner 2015

Congratulations to Len DiSalvia, our Oldest Air Conditioner contest winner! Len wins a brand new Trane AC to replace his clunker, which was over 30 years old but still working.

5 Overlooked Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning For Your Toronto Home

Humidity caused by high relative humidity

Most people know that low humidity in winter can cause problems, but did you know that the same is true for high humidity in summer? It’s true!

This article talks about the 5 main ways high humidity can damage your home and even effect your health. They’re great reasons to get an air conditioner to keep humidity under control.

WIN a New AC in Our Oldest Central Air Conditioner Contest

An old Air Conditioner

Win a brand new air conditioner by proving you’ve got the oldest AC that still works! That’s right – we’re looking for Peel and Halton’s oldest running air conditioner. Time to snap a photo of that old machine and send it in to us. A brand new Trane AC – worth $3500 – will go to the winner.

Ways to Stay Cooler Naturally and Save

eco-friendly air conditioned home

Everyone wants a cool home in the summer, but the energy costs can sure add up. Here are some easy tips that will help you keep your home naturally cooler. You’ll use your AC less, and save more. Best of all, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.