How Hiring a Trane Comfort Specialist Helps You

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When you see the Trane Comfort Specialist badge, you’re working with a company that is held to a higher standard. They are specially trained to install your furnace or air conditioner correctly.

Do Furnace Humidifiers Really Work?

Grandparents Reading Kids a Story in Winter

If you’re tired of dry winter air indoors, you may be wondering if furnace humidifiers really work. Learn how to take control of the humidity level in your home and how the right furnace humidifier can help.

11 Tips to Help Your Furnace Work Better

Toronto family indoors in winter

Most of us are throwing money out the window every winter and don’t even know it. In this post we cover some simple things you can do around your home to help your furnace work more efficiently and last longer. Most of these tips don’t have any cost, they’re just good habits to get into when you’re at home.