Meet Katie

At Dr. HVAC, we believe in providing the best customer service and the best results.

It’s with open arms we welcome Katie to the HVAC community. She and her husband moved to Canada a little over a year ago. Katie decided to branch out into HVAC after 12 years as a Marine Engineer on supply ships in the UK. 

Katie has found a new passion for helping people.

After attaining her G3 license in December last year Katie was looking for a job part-time as she continued her studies for the G2 license. Since Dr HVAC was in Katie’s town, she applied for a position. No job postings were advertised for technicians then, but she thought she would apply and see what happened. 

Katie says, “I’m so glad that I took the chance! Dr. HVAC has a beautiful team of people, and the company ethics truly mirror my own. I instantly felt at home here.” Katie appreciates all the training she has received. She will have her full G2 license in no time and is excited to get out in the field. 

Her training won’t end with my G2 license either! She plans to accumulate my apprentice hours to earn her 313D refrigeration license. “I think you’re always learning in this job, whether that’s going back to school for additional courses or out on the job. There is always a new challenge or something you haven’t seen before. It’s one of the reasons I love my job.”

Aside from “every day being a school day,” Katie has found a new passion for helping people. Before working in HVAC, she didn’t have much experience working with clients, but she loves it! “There is nothing quite so satisfying as being able to do the job you love (maintaining and fixing things) while helping people in the process!”

Our Focus is Kindness, Honesty & Value 

Whenever someone shows an interest, Katie is more than happy to take the time to answer questions and give advice about how a system could be improved. “Customers always seem to appreciate it, and it helps to build that all-important trust with them.” Katie explains “I think that makes us stand out amongst our competitors. We are kind, honest and willing to take our time to be thorough. Customers can see that they’re getting the best value and expertise for their money.”

Katie will often hear customers say, “Wow, you go into a lot of detail with your readings. Other companies that have been here in the past don’t take more than 10 minutes, look around a bit and then leave.”

“There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a call, using a methodical fault-finding process to uncover the problem, and then fixing it for the customer. If only their smiling faces could pay the bills, I’d do this job for free! “

What activities do you enjoy for fun? 

When she is not at work, Katie enjoys doing anything outdoors with her husband and two dogs. “We camp, hike, trail run, canoe or swim. I like to keep fit in the gym too. My favourite sessions usually include kettlebells, TRX or a kickboxing bag! When I’m relaxing, I like to do Qigong, and I read a lot.”